Introduction to Islam By: Dr Muhammad Hamidullah

Introduction to Islam
Dr Muhammad Hamidullah

Urdu Translation of this book has been published with the name Dae e Islam.


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Introduction to Islam
by Dr. M. Hamidullah

Dr. Hamidullah’s book is a good resource, not only for non-Muslims who wish to know more about Islam, but for Muslims who wish to learn more about their faith. Here is a complete listing of the chapters (and also other excerpts):

Ch. 1 … The Prophet of Islam — His Biography paragraphs 1-42
Ch. 2 … Preservation of the Original Teachings of Islam paragraphs 43-98
Ch. 3 … The Islamic Conception of Life paragraphs 99-125
Ch. 4 … Faith and Belief paragraphs 126-159
Ch. 5 … Devotional Life and Religious Practices in Islam paragraphs 160-198/a
Ch. 6 … The Cultivation of Spiritual Life paragraphs 199-222
Ch. 7 … The System of Morality in Islam paragraphs 223-257
Ch. 8 … The Political System of Islam paragraphs 258-299
Ch. 9 … The Judicial System of Islam paragraphs 300-336
 Ch. 10 … The Economic System of Islam paragraphs 337-379
Ch. 11 … The Muslim Woman paragraphs 380-405
Ch. 12 … The Status of non-Muslims in Islam paragraphs 406-442
Ch. 13 … Muslim Contribution to the Sciences and Arts paragraphs 443-488
Ch. 14 … General History of Islam paragraphs 489-515
Ch. 15 … Daily Life of a Muslim paragraphs 516-592 [large file]
Select Bibliography of Muslim Authors (See Below)
On Polygamy …Paragraphs 402 – 404 (See respective chapter above)
On Free Will and Predestination … Paragraphs  121 – 125 (See respective chapter above) 
On Free Will and Predestination … Paragraphs  155 – 158 (See respective chapter above) 
On  The Hajj … Paragraphs 177 – 184 (See respective chapter above)
On why the Service of Worship (i.e. the Salat or Prayer) is in Arabic … Paragraphs 575 i-xvii  (See respective chapter above)
On Zakat and State Expenditure … Paragraphs 351 – 367 (See respective chapter above)
On Gambling and Alcohol … Paragraphs 251, 252, 368 & 379 (See respective chapter above)
On Holy War … Paragraph 441 and 442 (See respective chapter above)
Determining the direction of the Qibla … Paragraphs 554 and 582 (f and g) (See respective chapter above)

Islam in a Nutshell An excerpt from the same book by Dr. Hamidullah
Treatment of Prisoners of War excerpt from The Muslim Conduct of State
Muslims and non-Muslims are Equal and Alike in Worldly Affairs excerpt from The Muslim Conduct of State
The Contribution of Imam al Shafi (An excerpt from The Emergence of Islam)



Select Bibliography of Muslim Authorscompiled by Dr. Muhammad Hamidullah

1. Muhammad Marmaduke Pickthall, The Meaning of the Glorious Qur’an. (Its numbering of verses is sometimes defective. But of the numerous translations of the Holy Qur’an, this is the handiest and best.

2. Fazlul Karim, Al Hadis, (An English translation and commentary with Arabic text of Mishka’at-ul-Masabih, the famous compilation of Hadith.

3. Iqbal, Reconstruction of Religious Thought in Islam.

4. H. K. Sherwani, Studies in Muslim Political Thought and Administration.

5. Muhammed ‘Abdur-Rahman Khan, Muslim Contribution to Science and Culture.

6. Ameer Ali, A Short History of the Saracens.

7. Anwar Iqbal Qureshi, Islam and the Theory of Interest.

8. Muhammad Hamidullah, Muslim Conduct of State.

9. Muhammad Hamidullah, Sahifah Hammarn ibn Munabbih, together with a history of the Hadith.

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